The Power of Praise & Worship

Trust, Follow. and Listen
The Power of Praise & Worship

You Keep On Getting Better!

Hey Champions of Faith!

I cannot express to you all the amount of love I have for this song! This song is heaven sent, and it so happens that I have made it my Wake Up Praise. It continuously reminds me of who God is regardless of where we are in life.

Our God is always faithful, kind, patient, unchanging, never failing, perfect in all of His ways and most importantly our true friend. At 4am when I say, “Hey Alexa play You Keep On Getting Better,” it is just not music to my ears, it is the words that sink deep within my soul that reminds me over and over again that, God keeps getting better. He always seems to surprise me even when I think it cannot get better than what He has done thus far in my life.

No Matter The Time, God Keeps On Getting Better!

Take time this week to Praise God for all He has done. Worship Him by humbling yourself and surrendering every part of your life to His Control, and admire Him for who He is, not just what He has done.

Take a Moment to Praise & Worship

It is effortless for us to Praise God as we deepen our relationship with Him, however, Worship comes from a different place within our spirit and gets to the heart of who we are.

Gayahtu F.~

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