The 40 – Day Sugar Fast | By: Wendy Speake

Hey Champions of Faith!

What happens when physical detox meets spiritual transformation? It becomes a 360 reshaping of body, soul and spirit! 

I have always been devoted to fasting for spiritual and physical benefits; and, it has become a part of my lifestyle.  

As I was decor shopping at Hobby Lobby, I came across this amazing book “The 40-Day Sugar Fast.” I figured I’ll glance through it as I waited in line to get checked out. As I took a quick moment to read the first few pages, those big words stood out to me: “DO YOU LOVE ME MORE THAN SUGAR?” Those words hit every cell in my body. All I could think about is my love for God. All the sugar in the world wasn’t worth my love for God.

So, as I stood in line, I decided to buy this book to guide me on my 40 day fast leading up to Pentecost, as we await the Holy Spirit.  

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling knowing that we’re choosing to show our God how much we love Him by denying our flesh to feed our spirit?

Let’s Kick Start This 40 Day Fast Leading Up To Pentecost!

“My food is to do the will of Him who sent me” (John 4:34)

Stay Bless!