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Book of the Month: Sept. 2020

Meet Mary                                         Getting To Know The Mother of God | By: Mark Miravalle Hey Champions of Faith! Meet our Holy Mother Mary! If you don’t know by now, Mary is…


Living a Pure Life

How can a young person stay pure?  By Obeying your Word. Psalms 119:9 It is important that we pursue purity during our journey with God. Society often talk about purity mostly in the sense of avoiding sexual immorality; however, from God’s perspective, purity involves much more than what we do…


Book of the Month: Jan. 2020

The Wait | By: Devon Franklin & Megan Good One night while talking to a dear friend, our conversation seamlessly began to focus around the topic of celibacy. As we discussed the importance of practicing celibacy, he encouraged me to read The Wait, which a week later he handed me…