How can a young person stay pure?  By Obeying your Word.
Psalms 119:9

It is important that we pursue purity during our journey with God. Society often talk about purity mostly in the sense of avoiding sexual immorality; however, from God’s perspective, purity involves much more than what we do in one area of our life.

Purity deals with every aspect of our lives. From the way we talk, interact with others or what we accept in our surroundings all play an important role; and, relying on the Holy Spirit each day gives us the strength to stay in God’s Will.

To live in purity means choosing to love God more than anything. It means being honest, truthful, fair, loving, kind, respectful, keeping your word and working towards overcoming certain bad habits or addictions.

As Christians, our integrity plays a vital role when it comes to being pure. We must choose to pursue purity even when we feel tempted or uncomfortable.

Being pure in our mind, body and soul is an essential part of our relationship with Christ.