We often hear people talk about fasting to accomplish weight loss, eating healthy or nourishing their spiritual life. Whatever our goal is, fasting can be a challenge for all of us. Sometimes denying the flesh is not as simple as it seems; however, the benefits that comes with fasting makes it worthwhile.

Fasting has always been a part of my life since middle school. My parents and grandmother introduced fasting to me as a way of seeking God to get me through life’s challenges, unanswered prayers and growing my relationship with Christ.

Looking back at my life from adolescence to adulthood, fasting always seemed to be the remedy to all my unanswered questions, thoughts and concerns; most importantly, keeping me focus.

So, What Is Spiritual Fasting?

Spiritual Fasting is a physical act that denies your flesh of its physical needs to move your focus towards your faith, gaining self-control and discipline. The physical act of denying yourself is alone an act of faith.

Spiritual Fasting helps manage the desires of the flesh, removes those earthly things to create space for God, improves your physical and mental health, and delivers outstanding breakthroughs.