Hey Champions of Faith!

Let me start of by saying “GOD is ALWAYS GOOD” even when we cannot see it. For millions of us around the world, this year has taken us by surprise. The affect of COVID19 has created panic, fear and a whole lot more the enemy has placed in our lives. However, God remains faithful. This season that we are all facing has taken me back to my favorite story Job. The story of Job reminds me that our adversities are not bigger than our God and that trusting God means looking beyond what we can see to what God sees. As a faithful servant of God, Job was tested, and God allowed the enemy to take away everything in Job’s possession, furthermore, causing sickness upon him. In the midst of it all, Job remained faithful to God. He continued praying although he was financially unstable. He continued seeking God’s face when his animals, servants, sons and daughters were taken away from him. Job continued to worship God when he was afflicted with sores all over his body and his wife told him to curse God. For many of us today, Job’s story is a depiction of what millions of us are facing during this season; losing our jobs, families, our health being at risk, and so much more. One thing Job sure did not lose was his faith in God.

Remember to keep being faithful to God during this time.