Open The Eyes of My Heart Lord

By: Michael W. Smith

Hey Champions of Faith!


For years now I’ve had this song on my Christian playlist. Every time this song comes on it fills my heart with joy and such happiness that I spring right into action dancing and singing along. “Open The Eyes of My Heart Lord” is the right song to jumpstart the month of September! It is such an uplifting and powerful song.

September reminds me of new beginnings. Fall is starting, children are going back to school and everything around us seems to be shifting. And with all this happening, what a great way to welcome this month by praising God the best way we know how. 

As the season starts to shift, let us ask God to open our hearts so that we become more aware of Him throughout this season of change. 

And although we don’t know where this month will take us, let us ask God to open our hearts to receive His will for our life as most of us go back to work, school or just starting a new personal journey. 

As we open our eyes, let us become enlightened by God’s beauty around us, feeling His power and love.

Open the eyes of our heart Lord!


Take a Moment to Praise & Worship 

Click on the image above and Listen, Trust and Follow.

It is effortless for us to Praise God as we deepen our relationship with Him, however, Worship comes from a different place within our spirit and gets to the heart of who we are.