King of Glory

By: Todd Dulaney

Hey Champions of Faith!

Merry Christmas! For Our Savior is Born!

What a beautiful time of year this is. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus; the Prince of Peace, our Morning Star, Emmanuel, Lord of All, Light of the World and our Messiah, with this breath taking song sang by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir: “King of Glory.” The words of this song drives my soul to give gratitude to our God for giving us His only son so that we can have eternal life, and thanking our Mother Mary for saying yes to God’s Will.

From the Annunciation when the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, to the Nativity when Jesus is born and throughout the course of Jesus life, illustrates God’s undoubtedly love for us. 

My prayer for you during this percious season is that: The Lord bless you and keeps you, giving you peace and abundant love.”

I hope this song brings you nothing but joy during this time. 

God bless you, your family, and your generations to come!

Merry Christmas!


It is effortless for us to Praise God as we deepen our relationship with Him, however, Worship comes from a different place within our spirit and gets to the heart of who we are.