Found It All

By: Wilder 

Hey Champions of Faith!

Happy February!

For many of us, February screams love is in the air! We’re looking forward to Valentine’s Day, receiving gifts, flowers, chocolates, sentimental dinners, and kisses from our love one. 

As I sit and think about this special day most of us look forward too, I could not stop to think about God’s love and how impeccable it is. How God’s love never changes regardless of the month. How consistent His love is. How he chooses to love us, and doesn’t wait for February to shower us with gifts. 

Let’s remember God’s gift to us all, His Son Jesus Christ, being the greatest gift we will ever receive in this life time. 

My prayer for you during this percious season is that: The Lord bless you and keeps you, giving you peace and abundant love.”

I hope this song brings you nothing but love during this time. 

God bless you, your family, and your generations to come!


It is effortless for us to Praise God as we deepen our relationship with Him, however, Worship comes from a different place within our spirit and gets to the heart of who we are.