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Book of the Month: April. 2021

The 40 – Day Sugar Fast | By: Wendy Speake Hey Champions of Faith! What happens when physical detox meets spiritual transformation? It becomes a 360 reshaping of body, soul and spirit!  I have always been devoted to fasting for spiritual and physical benefits; and, it has become a part of…


Fruit of the Month

Oranges: A Good Source of Fiber! Hey Champions of Faith! Lately I’ve been going to the grocery store and picking up some delicious Cara Cara Oranges more than usual. When I walk through the fruit aisle, the first thing that attracts my eyes are those round oranges waiting to be…



One Place By: Tasha Cobbs  Hey Champions of Faith! Happy March! Let me start off by saying this song is so dear to my heart. One Place by Tasha Cobbs expresses exactly how I feel during MAG time.  As we continue this season of Lent, and as we get ready for…


Learn to eat like Daniel

Eating like Daniel During Lent Season! Lent is finally here! This year for Lent, I am going to incorporate the Daniel Fast! There have been many times I’ve done the Daniel Fast, however, never have I done it during Lent season. Learning to eat like Daniel is all about eating healthy…



Found It All By: Wilder  Hey Champions of Faith! Happy February! For many of us, February screams love is in the air! We’re looking forward to Valentine’s Day, receiving gifts, flowers, chocolates, sentimental dinners, and kisses from our love one.  As I sit and think about this special day most…



King of Glory By: Todd Dulaney Hey Champions of Faith! Merry Christmas! For Our Savior is Born! What a beautiful time of year this is. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus; the Prince of Peace, our Morning Star, Emmanuel, Lord of All, Light of the World and our Messiah,…